Thermo Box Containers

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Thermo Box Containers

We are pleased to offer a ground-breaking alternative to traditional solid-shell thermal containers. The revolutionary process of molded expanded, polypropylene creates an incredibly lightweight insulated container that's remarkably sturdy. Check out these features.

  • Extremely lightweight (Our Thermo Boxes are at least 75% lighter than traditional solid-shelled containers.)
  • Very well insulated (see below for temperature charts)
  • Solid Shell, very sturdy expanded, polypropylene
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Stackable both with or without lids during delivery
  • Lids constructed with a double seal to lock in temperatures
  • Wide variety of sizes available
  • No hardware or gaskets needed
  • Venting option available on containers with square lids (Perfect for pizza delivery)
  • Cost-effective: 
    Most sizes range from $40 to $90

Stackable Compartments Can Be Divided



Stackable and Well Insulated

Temperature Range

Keeps cold food cold ... and hot food hot!

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Material costs have fluctuated over the past few years.
Please contact us directly for our latest price list.